RedditScore Overview

RedditScore is a library that contains tools for building Reddit-based text classification models

RedditScore includes:

  • Document tokenizer with myriads of options, including Reddit- and Twitter-specific options
  • Tools to build and tune the most popular text classification models without any hassle
  • Functions to easily collect Reddit comments from Google BigQuery and Twitter data (including tweets beyond 3200 tweets limit)
  • Instruments to help you build more efficient Reddit-based models and to obtain RedditScores (Nikitin2018)
  • Tools to use pre-built Reddit-based models to obtain RedditScores for your data

Note: RedditScore library and this tutorial are work-in-progress. Let me know if you experience any issues.

Usage example:

import os

import pandas as pd

from redditscore import tokenizer
from redditscore.models import fasttext_mod

df = pd.read_csv(os.path.join('redditscore', 'reddit_small_sample.csv'))
df = df.sample(frac=1.0, random_state=24) # shuffling data
tokenizer = CrazyTokenizer(hashtags='split') # initializing tokenizer object
X = df['body'].apply(tokenizer.tokenize) # tokenizing Reddit comments
y = df['subreddit']

fasttext_model = fasttext_mod.FastTextModel() # initializing fastText model

fasttext_model.tune_params(X, y, cv=5, scoring='accuracy') # tune hyperparameters of the model using default grid, y) # fit model
fasttext_model.save_model('models/fasttext_model') # save model
fasttext_model = fasttext.load_model('models/fasttext_model') # load model

dendrogram_pars = {'leaf_font_size': 14}
tsne_pars = {'perplexity': 30.0}
fasttext_model.plot_analytics(dendrogram_pars=dendrogram_pars, # plot dendrogram and T-SNE plot
                         fig_sizes=((25, 20), (22, 22)))

probs = fasttext_model.predict_proba(X)
av_scores, max_scores = fasttext_model.similarity_scores(X)


[Nikitin2018]Nikitin Evgenii, Identyifing Political Trends on Social Media Using Reddit Data, in progress


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